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World Cup Prize Quiz
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Dear partners,

The four-year World Cup will kick off on June in St. Petersburg, Russia . We believe you must be ready to watch the 64games day and night. Which team do you think will win this champion?  The Brazil National Team , Deutschland Fussball Bund, or any dark horse? For example , the Iceland national football team?


To make it more interesting and exciting , POWTRAN organized Prize Quiz for 2018 World Cup. Welcome to join us !

Activity introduction :

1. Rules:

Three rounds in total , they are group round, knockout round, and champion round.

Rule details as follows:

1) Guess which team can be qualified for the second round of the World Cup ,with each correct answer you will get one score, So the highest score in the first round can be 16. In this round, the top 2 winners can be qualified for the second round of Prize Quiz, and the top 40 winners will get prizes. In the second round, the top 50winners can get prizes. In the third round, the final champion will be determined by vote result of this round and scores of the first two rounds.


2) The voting channel will be closed before the first round ( group round) start, and WeChat official Account begin to count the score. The top 40winners of prize quiz will be published in the same day of birth of World Cup top 16 teams .


Award of first round :

First prize ,6 winners, Pu’er tea 200g, worth USD50

Second prize, 12 winners, Car Charger , worth USD10

Third prize,22 winners,  Movie Coupon, worth USD5


3) The voting channel for second round will be opened in the next day of birth of the World Cup top 16 teams .The specific time will be notified.The top 50winners will win the prizes.

First prize,7 winners, Pu’er tea 200g, worth USD50

Second prize, 14 winners, Eye mask 60pcs, worth USD10

Third prize, 29 winners, U pillow, worth USD5


4) The voting channel of third round will be opened in the next day of birth of the top 4 teams of World Cup, the specific time will be notified . Correct answer in the third round and plus scores of the first two rounds, the top 1 winner will be the final champion , the top 2nd and 3rd winners will be awarded the runner up second place , and top 4th to 6th winners will be awarded the second runner up .


Champion: 400g Pu’er tea , worth USD250

Runner-up: 200g Pu’er tea, worth USD50

Second runner-up: Powtran T-shirt 1PC, worth USD15

Note: 1. There is only one chance to vote .

  2 . The final interpretation rights belong to POWTRAN ,If you have any questions about the prizes, please contact us through the official website and WeChat Official Account.

2. The first round voting time: June 8th to June 14th .

3. Participator: All Powtran partners and fans

4. Award : 40prizes  for the first round (group ), 50 prizes for the second round (knockout), 6 prizes for the last round (champion).

Race card:

 Prize quiz area

The first round voting channel :

Please scan the QR code above and answer according to prompts.

Gift Show area :

With the approach of the World Cup, this prize quiz has kicked off .All partners are expected to join us !


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