Application in washing machine with PI9000 frequency inverter

 1. Full automatic washing machine washing process is as follows:



First, add water, washing operations for minutes, wash finished, drainage, entered the stage of dehydration, dehydration stage includes uniform, at medium and high three process, uniform is in water and without water, than high speed positive rotation of 1.5 minutes, washing the clothes evenly attached on the inside of the drum of the washing machine, so that the subsequent dehydration process smoothly; After drainage, improve speed into medium-speed dehydration process (2 minutes), then in the process of high-speed dehydration (5 minutes), makes the moisture content of clothes down to the required level.


2. The speed of the setting way has two kinds:

2.1. With multistage speed way, directly on the inverter set in different stages of the running speed;

2.2. Through washing machine dedicated control computer, set speed at each stage in communication way. Speed of each stage are as follows:

Washing:  about 30 RPM

Uniform distribution: about 60 RPM

medium-speed dehydration: about 400 RPM

High-speed dehydration: 700 ~ 800 RPM.

motor power: 4 kw

Inverter models: 9100A 004G3

Motor control mode: V/F control

Parameter setting:

U0.02 = 1 (terminal control),

U0.03 = 6 (Multi-speed ),

U0.10 = 120 (maximum output frequency),

U0.12 = 120 (upper limit frequency),

U6.10 = 1 (free parking),

UC. 01 = 80 (1-stage speed)

UC0.02 = 80 (2 -stage spee),

UC. 04 = 100 (4- stage speed)



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