Application in Vibratory Hammer with PI9000 frequency inverter

The benefits of using PI9000 inverter.

1.  Reduce the shock to power grid, especially in mountain area with lower transformer capacity and short power circuit line.

2.  Adjust the speed/frequency and torque according to different soil environment.

3.  Reduce the shock to motor and machine structure while starting, expand the motor’s service life.

4.  Step current limiting function, avoid frequent over-current protection caused by high instantaneous current.



Application site.

Motor specification: 90kW / 380V / 50Hz

Inverter selection: PI9200 110G3 (110Kw, 380V, 210A, 50Hz)

Control mode selection: terminal control for “forward running”, outside potential meter for “speed adjusting”.

Parameters setting:

Basic group: F0.00=0, F0.03=2, F0.11=1, F3.07=1,

Motor group: b0.00=0, b0.01=90, b0.02=380, b0.03=187.7, b0.04=50, b0.05=975


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