POWTRAN Technology re-elected as the inverter Association vice chairman


August 6, 2011, the second session of the General Assembly of the inverter branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association was held in Tianjin, CLP Association Deputy Secretary-General Hao Jun to be congratulated and 12 five electrical industrial development, corporate credit building and crisis managementa speech.


The meeting was presided over by the first chairman Zhong Mingzhen. Conscientiously sum up the main achievements of the inverter industry for four years to get meeting, reviewed the the inverter Association carried out the work and clear development goals for the future. Adopted “the first report on the work of the Council” to amend the “China Power Electric Industry Association the inverter Branch Ordinance”, the conference to vote for a 41 second session of the governing unit of Tianjin Electric Drive Design Institute and executive director of the 21 units elected second term president, director of the Tianjin Institute of Electric Drive Design Zhong Mingzhen Mr. Fu Qiang, Siemens Ltd, the Dalian POWTRAN Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Haijie 10 people elected as vice chairman. Dr. Zhao Xiangbin was elected Secretary-General, Kyushu Electric Zhao Xiaohong, Zhongzu network Liuqiang,the total 6 people was elected Deputy Secretary-General.


The meeting also commended the first advanced member units and advanced workers. POWTRAN technology have gained international recognition.

A total of 104 member companies to participate in the General Assembly.


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