POWTRAN TECHNOLOGY win the “Chinese TOP10 low-voltage inverter brand” again


September 16, 2011, by “the world of inverter”Joint Power Electronics Society and a number of industry authority co-sponsored three-day, “ the Entrepreneurs Forum of the eighth inverter industry and the 9th Power Electronics Forum" was held on Beijing Jade Palace Hotel. The Forum focused on interpretation of the strategic emerging industries of our inverter and power electronics industry, and successfully explore the corporate face of how transformation of the strategic emerging industries, high-tech Ministry of Science and Technology Division, Information Division of the Ministry of the national government department heads personally come to the meeting, described in detail and description of the inverter and the power electronics industry's future development from the perspective of national policy, pointed out the direction of development for the participating companies. The editor-in-chief of “ the world of inverter”, "Liu Qiang and participants shared the inverter market overview and ' Twelfth Five-Year Plan ' Market Forecast".

The forum also held “the eighth inverter industry entrepreneurs cum Award Presentation Ceremony”in this way to express respect for the industry elite. After several months of careful investigation and rigorous assessment of the organizers final selection of the industry and numerous awards for the year 2010 to 2011, aims to encourage business innovation development, and comprehensively improve its own brand influence and promote the inverter industry sustained and healthy development. POWTRAN Technology Co., Ltd., the Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd. won the "Chinese TOP10 low-voltage inverter brand”. POWTRAN Technology won this honor for five consecutive years, fully reflects the highly recognization by the industry and users on POWTRAN frequency conversion technology products and services. POWTRAN Technology will has the greater development in strategic emerging industries .

Entrepreneurs Forum of the inverter industry has been successfully held for the seventh time since 2002, the theme of innovation, the growing influence has gradually become the industry's most prestigious annual event, is popular with major inverter manufacturers, the industry authority organizations. authoritative experts in the industry praise.

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