Powtran technology ten consecutive terms debut Germany Hannover Fair

On April 23rd ~ on April 27, my department participated 2012 year Germany Hanover industrial fair consecutively for the 10th session. This exhibition is the Chinese year, takes the Chinese characteristic as the subject, exhibition specialized, the target customer is centralized. Generally speaking, the European international big brand stands in great numbers, China and India and other enterprises account for the proportion to increase, but US, Japan, South Korea Enterprise are relatively few. The visit customer passed on the product and brand to had a stronger approval and intends to further cooperate, deepens the old customer to pass on the world to the confidence level, mostly the visit customers intended to purchasing the prototype, indicated is willing to test our products and expected that achieved the long-term cooperation.

 The product front, our PI8600, PI8100, PI9000 deeply likes by European and American and Southeast Asia customers. The visit customers have the product that carefully watches us to take away, and commended this model of product, regardless of from exterior design or product performance, quite had the big brand style. But the propaganda and promotion of exhibition scene servo product, make some big brands to approve our research and development strengths and technical capabilities.


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