Solidarity and cooperation——Powtran Mid-Year Sales Meeting


The 2013 middle year work summarizing meeting of Powtran Technology(Shenzhen) was held in the beautiful Huizhou Bay View Hotel on 7th July.



During the meeting,the local sales managers and the international sales director made reports about the related sales conditions of the first half year of 2013 and shared the experiences; The marketing supervisor of Shenzhen branch Mr Luo analyzed the achievements and what need to be improved and proposed the second half year sales plan; The technique service center director Mr Li talked about the on-site applications and industry solutions, in order to guarantee fast  service; The R&D department director Mr Mu propose the improving solution and design standard according to the products research conditions.




Finally, the CEO Mr Zhang started with the management of OA,ERP,CRM,PLM platforms, talking about his requests for every director and manager, and also about the strategies for the company organization structure, manpower resource. Mr Zhang promote that powtran should become more professional ,Cooperative, Efficient, Smoothly in future. The shareholder Ms He also gave her suggestion and best wishes to Powtran in the end of meeting.




Let’s work and cooperate, fighting together for the annual goals!

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