Learning and working---A trip to Huizhou in July


Powtran Work Ethic
-----To enjoy the process of struggle rather than waiting for the results
learning as working, working as learning.


On the morning of 8th July 2013, with cheerful and relaxed mood, all compatriots of Powtran under the leadership of Chairman Mr Zhang visited Nan Kun Shan National Forest Park in Huizhou, Guangdong.


Nan Kun Shan National Forest Park has beautiful scene: green mountains and clear rivers, strangely-shaped pines and stone, singing stream and plunging waterfall, the magnificent Scenery make us feel delighted, leisurely and comfortable.




Around noon, everyone gathered to enjoy local delicacies: all kinds of meat, dried bamboo shoots, wild dried mushrooms, homemade pickled cabbage and so on, which make people aftertaste endless. Then, we came to Da Feng gate for drifting, appreciated the freshness of air in the rippling, fully experience the powerful and magnificent nature.






Powtran is a sweet family full with unity, cooperation, happy working environment. The elaborately prepared mid-year outdoor activities not only strengthens the emotional exchange between colleagues,enriching the cultural life of employees and enhance the enterprise cohesion, but also reflects all staffs of Powtran close cooperation solidarity, advance and retreat together spirit.



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