POWTRAN attend Shenzhen Energy Lecture Events Forum

"Shenzhen Energy Lecture Events Forum - the technology summit for motor and motor system energy efficiency improvements was held by Shenzhen Trade and Information Technology Commission in the Shenzhen Civic center on August 16th,2013.from various localities and enterprises etc. More than 500 experts, scholars and business managers and workers in the motor industry attended the forum.



 In order to reduce the industrial energy consumption, promote industrial restructuring and green development, to enhance the city's electrical energy efficiency, the chairman of Powtran Mr Zhanghai Jie  as the Entrepreneurs representative  issued  an "efficient motors and motor system control" theme speeches, a hundred years development history for China low voltage motor and high voltage AC induction motor , then the motor system energy efficiency and frequency inverter development for the past 30 years in China, at last he expressed the overall macro perspective on the combination of motor development history systematically and expounded efficient motor and electrical control system, which gives the participant a better understanding on how to enhance the efficient operation of the motor system control and energy saving.



The "Forum" was hosted by Yuan Xiao Fang who is the director of the Shenzhen Trade and Information Technology Commission. The guests are as following: ZhiHui who is the Deputy Secretary-General of China's industrial energy efficiency and cleaner production Association ,China’s Electro technical Society Honorary chairman, Zhou Heliang who is the former Ministry of China Machinery, they all want the forum to help China furtherly enhance the motor industry to make greater contributions to energy saving.

 The following enterprises had attended this meeting and made speech which focusing on "motor and motor system energy efficiency enhancement technology : ABB China Ltd., Foxconn Technology Group ,Shenzhen Antoine Hill Electrical Co., Ltd. etc.


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