PI130 economical vector control frequency inverter released in September!


POWTRAN new model PI130 economical vector control frequency inverter released in September of 2013 .

PI130 series frequency inverter is a type of economical and high performance frequency inverter which is special used to realize frequency control of motor speed for small machines and equipments.


Technical Specifications

1.Adopting Taiwan DSP to be the core control chip to realize the high speed performance control.

2.Adopting the Mistubishi smart power module IPM with the inspection function of overvoltage, overcurrent and overheat, stable and reliable(optional).

3. Built-in breaking resistor, realize frequent acceleration and deceleration freely.

4. Single-phase and three-phase 220v input are compatible ,to meet variable applications

5.Adopting Taiwan songchuan relays, stop and start the cooling fans very well.



Range of capacity:

Power range:0.4-1.5kw

maximum frequency :400HZ  

voltage level: single-phase 220v   three-phase 220v



Packing, printing, spinning, food, construction, medicine, papermaking, plastic, washing,  

assorted mechanism, machine  tool, conveyor, blower, water pump, mixing machine.


You are welcome to try and use our new model PI130 !

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