Wandering farm picnic and romantic beaches trip

July 12, 2014, in order to allow Powtran employees to relax after a half year's hard work,  the company organized a 
special "Farm picnic, visit the eastern beach casual tour" activities. 


After a halfhour's drive, Powtran family first arrived Dapeng Peninsula National Geological Museum, visited the 
strange landscape here and precious minerals, to understand the formation of these exotic landscapes, natural 
sciences and all these beautiful landscapes are amazing, and take pictures of  many precious minerals as a souvenir.  
Farmhouse picnic, cook by ourselves 

Lunch time, the show time of chef’s cooking special dishes from every department, Hunan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Northeast dishes, a variety of cuisine,  delicious and hearty. All of the Powtran people who share the work, someone is amazing at the cutting skill, someone is good at cooking,  someone voluntary firing stoker, fishing, chickens, dumplings,etc. Everyone enjoy their own cooking fun, enjoy fruits of their labor, happy and satisfied . 
Dinner time! 



                                                         Dinner time! 




                                                              Kitchen Beauty

                                 So many delicious food, thanks talented friends!


                        The second quarter Powtran Technology Cup soccer tournament 

In the afternoon Powtran Technology Cup soccer tournament was held in the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base park, the President's Office + R & D centers + the Finance Ministry team consisting as United team VS manufacture team, finally the United team win the game as 4:0, the two sides members actively participate in the tense race. The Cheering fans are full of enthusiasm at the stands, witness the wonderful moments of every pitch.


                                                                   Goal Goal Goal !

                                                 I blocked, get the ball faster!

                                                   Fight for the watermelon!

                                                      So professional pose!

                                              All of us focused on the race

                           Joy after the game, take a family portrait


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