The national frequency inverter standards that Powtran Technology has attended to draft is coming into effect



On August ,7th,2014,the fifth part ”safty” compulsory two standards that Dalian Powtran Technology attend to draft  is coming into effect officially.


The standard of this part is proposed by China electronic industrial committee, all Chinese electronics standardizing technical committee confirmed, TRIED and other units attend to draft. This standard is equal to IEC61800 5 2007.It was released by AQSIQ and Standardization Administration of China on 12th November,2013.


The fifth part standards are GB 12668.501-2013<>.It claims the requests for adjusting speed electronics transmission system or components related electronics, heat and energy ;In the term of safty of function,it proposed the suggestions and  requests for electronics transmission system design and development, integration and verification. The standard is suitable for AC voltage below 1kv including 1kv,50hz or 60hz DC transmission system and convertor input or output voltage below 35kv,50hz or 60hz AC transmission system.


In the time of “100 years motor 30 years frequency inverter”,Dalian Powtran Technology Co.,Ltd attend to draft the new national standards to contribute its energy to the China speed adjusting transmission system products standards making and management standard regulation operation, meanwhile it approved the strong technology strength and creation of our company, it will encourage Powtran people to keep ”honest,responsibility,creation”  enterprise culture,and continue to work hard for technology and promotion of electronic transmission and motor system enery saving, to return society. Developing and splendidly together with the industry.

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