One Hundred Years of Motor,Thirty Years of Frequency Inverter,--POWTRAN Technology Video


"One hundred years of motor,thirty years of frequency inverter, fly the Powtran dream" as  the theme of Powtran Technology’s propaganda, it takes more than seven months from the preparation to completion, which is made by China's level of creative advertising company, two industry heavyweight experts and professors were interviewed in the video.


(Interview with Mr. Zhankui Wang) the first step of China's frequency inverter market was to introduce foreign products. Dalian Eectrical Machinery Works and POWTRAN Technology were the earliest enterprises that carried out the domestication of our frequency inverter.


(Interview with Mr. Chengyong Liu) in the development process of the frequency inverter, POWTRAN Technology has nurtured many talents like the erstwhile Huangpu Military Academy.


The creation and improvement of electromagnetic theory incubates the motor industry; the advent and development of the motor industry unfolds the broad application of electric power in the production and life; the development and use of electric power are increasingly changing the world.

China's motor industry has experienced many vicissitudes and striven to survive


Using a lot of 3D danimation and special effects in the video, from four chapters 'reliable performance', 'trustworthy quality',

'trustworthiness management', 'trustworthy culture'  which highly summarizes 30 years of industrial control industry.

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