POWTRAN was awarded

On December 10th, 2014, the annual meeting of China electrical equipment industry association inverter branch 

and frequency control of motor speed equipment standardization technical committee was held in Shanghai. 

Dalian Powtran technology co., LTD was awarded "2014 advanced enterprise " and "2014 advanced 

standardization enterprise " two titles.


Meeting was hosted by Mr ZhongMingZhen who is the chairman of the China electrical equipment industry 

association and the frequency converter in tianjin electrical research institute co., LTD., The secretary-general  

Mr Wangjianfen made the report work in 2014 and the work plan in 2015  of the China electrical equipment 

industry association inverter branch, the frequency conversion equipment standard committee.More than 80 

enterprises of 120 delegates attended the event.

The experts made report on "the inverter in the application and development trend in the field of ship", "industrial 

robot", "functional security" in the field of frequency converter,

The future of the "manufacturing" and "China's inverter market trends". The co-organizer sea eagle peak ying-jie 

hong, general manager of electronic science and technology co., LTD

Introduce their Enterprise and lead the staff to visit its modern production factory.

Powtran as an expert committee attended the  CNC machine frequency control devices and

The injection molding machine frequency conversion equipment , the two plans were submitted to the standard 

of review Association. Since 2007, as  the deputy director of the association ,Powtran is  actively  participating in 

association construction, support the development of the association and at the same time committed to the 

standardization of variable frequency speed regulating device to draft the examination and approval work.

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