Sky wide sea Sail with wind ——New year congratulatory message from Chairman Mr.Haijie Zhang


By 2014, China's economic development has entered a new status, Powtran and other industrial sector colleagues ushered the important historical node of China 30 years’ frequency inverter industrialization. On the occasion of the New Year, I, on behalf of Dalian Powtran Technology Co., Ltd., thanks to our customers and partners for their trust and love, thanks to all our hard-working and loyal employees, and thanks for the understanding and consistent support of our employees and their families! “Thank you very much and Happy New Year!”

In 2014, as practitioners and witness of China's industrialization inverter technology introduction and absorption, Dalian Powtran Technology., Ltd practice "cultural heritage, management improvement, technology integration", to create a new Powtran based on the opportunity of "hundred years of  motor history, thirty years of inverter history", giving new meaning to Powtran core culture "honesty, responsibility, innovation".




The leading product-PI9000 series high performance vector control inverters have been widely used among domestic & abroad market, implement industrial control and energy saving; special designed inverters perform reliably in applications of metallurgical, petrochemical, solar, etc; motor system energy-saving products provide a perfect solution for coal, electricity, heating and other high energy consuming industries; management innovation, enhance efficiency and process reengineering,  get German TUV certificate; leading the technical progress of industry standardization, draft frequency inverter's national standards.

Master core technology, Powtran has made a number of patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights of computer software; Powtran has been identified as an innovative small-medium enterprises in Liaoning province; won the title of  "advanced work unit" from the frequency inverter branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association; we are proud of Powtran, we enjoy in Powtran family everyday!

In the year of 2015 we finished “Three Five-Year Plans” of Powtran. The year 2015 will be a new starting point in the history of company development. We will be according to the strategy of "electric drive, control, new energy", research and develop new technologies, develop high-performance and smart specialized frequency inverter technology products; and to build a more perfect market system and customer value platform to feedback customers with better products and service; to create a reliable well-known brand in the field of electric drive and control!


    Finally, we wish everybody a happy New Year!

                                             Dalian Powtran Technology Co., Ltd.  Chairman & General Manager, Haijie Zhang.

                                                                                              Jan.1st 2015


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