Taking advantage of industry trends, Seeking development in innovation ----New Year's Greeting from Haijie Zhang, chairman of POWTRAN

Time is like a fleeting show. New year is coming in the round!


In 2015, China's economic development slowing down, under "New Normal" economic downward pressure, our company kept the positive development trend.


In this year, "Made in China 2025" draws the long-term development blueprint of China's manufacturing industry from large to strong, while Powtran Technology enhanced the level of manufacturing through  motor drive and control products  and obtained the title of "Technology Star of Dalian Manufacturing”. Powtran Technology passed through the "High-tech Enterprise" review by the third time, it is another witness of technology innovation strength.


In this year, relying on the strong technology and R&D capabilities, new efficient PI500 series vector control inverter, energy conservation and control PS9530 frequency control cabinet, PR5300 online soft starter, PI9000-S solar pump inverter and other products meeting the requirements of different domestic and foreign markets.

In this year, set sail from million dollars of frequency & soft start control cabinet in the year beginning, go with the trend of Hanover Messe and Canton Fair, our export business make a breakthrough achievement and POWTRAN products export all around the world.


As the vice president of frequency inverter association and a member of frequency speed control equipment technical experts committee, POWTRAN Technology witnessed and practiced three decades of development history of China's frequency inverter, actively promoted the Chinese frequency inverter industry standards development and standardization work, won the "China frequency inverter 30 years most influential brand" awards.


In this year, we walked on the Dalian coastal road, visited Humen museum, leisure resort, vigorous stadium, showing our new look and style.

In the new year, the opportunities and challenges, sweat and achievements parallel!

2016 is the 1st year of the 4th “five-year plan” and the year of "Internet + Industrial Automation".Time is to bring significant development opportunities to POWTRAN. In the strategy, we’ll actively carry out structural reforms, transform from the "professional frequency inverter manufacturer based motor design & manufacture” toward "excellent supplier of industrial automation products & solutions"; On the technical aspect, relying on the core development platform "motor drive, control and new energy," we’ll actively participate in the competitive segments of industry, adopt IPD integrated product development process based on market and customer demand, develop lifting machinery, vessel electric drive, big power transmission system and other high-frequency technology products, to better meet the needs of "energy saving, intelligent manufacturing"; we’ll strengthen supply chain management, build "innovation and entrepreneurship" talent optimization of performance appraisal system, to set up with partners “hand-in-hand” and “win-win” innovation model, to achieve highly polymerized of "customer value", "employee value" and "company platform value".


Time flies and opportunity never wait, the new year vision is great, though it is a long way to go.


In the new year, POWTRAN will keep taking advantage of industry trends, seeking development in innovation. We have the faith "difficulty doesn’t exist in diligence", to lead the industry new normal; we lit hope with passion, using performance cast dream.

Thanks to our customers and partners!

Thanks to our staff and families!

Sincerely wish you good health, prosperity and good luck!

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