Profession Innovation Win-win---The report of POWTRAN new-year meeting in 2016

The golden monkey comes along with the spring, the phoenix brings luck. Time flies, 2015 is becoming our memories, 2016 is flying to us with good wishes. 2015 annual meeting of Dalian Powtran Technology Co., Ltd has ended successfully. Powtran technology staff, colleagues of subsidiaries, sales manager of other regional, with company leaders enjoy this happy get-together.




At the beginning of the annual meeting, we have sorted out all the company achievements in 2015, looking back at the past, looking to the future. Subsequent annual meeting, the company chairman Mr. Zhang Haijie made a work report of 2015, summed up the company's excellent results in 2015 and made a overall planning of the company in 2016. Transformation and upgrading "excellent supplier of industrial automation products & solutions". The manufacturing service providers of inverter with product innovation and management innovation, Customers, employees and the company harmonious win-win partnership.




In this annual meeting, all department staff brought different forms, dizzying performances, dancing, singing, games and other shows, the middle is also interspersed with a lucky draw, along with five prize, four prize, third prize, second prize, first prize, cash prize has been extracted. Continue to set off the climax of the annual meeting. Party not only to give us some laughter, but also to each other's hearts closer to colleagues, let singing, applause, cheers been rippling in the meeting room.

Retrospect 2015


In 2015, China's economic development is slowing down, under  the "New Normal" economic downward pressure, our company kept the positive development trend.

In 2015, company has obtained the title of "China inverter industry 30 years of the most influential brand""Technology Star of Dalian Manufacturing”. At the same time, Powtran Technology passed  through the "High-tech Enterprise" review by the third time

In 2015, “Made in China 2025”draws the long-term development blueprint of China's manufacturing industry from large to strong, at the same time, Chairman of the company Mr. Zhang Haijie was selected to the "strong manufacturing Of Dalian City expert advisory committee", is nationally recognized for companies and individuals.

In 2015, POWTRAN set sail from million dollars of frequency & soft start control cabinet in the year beginning, go with the trend of Hanover Messe and Canton Fair, our export business make a breakthrough achievement and POWTRAN products export all around the world.

    In 2015, POWTRAN develop new efficient PI500 series vector control inverter, energy conservation and control cabinet PS9530, PR5300 online soft starter, PI9000-S solar pump inverter and other products meet the requirements of different domestic and foreign markets.


Looking to 2016


2016 is the 1st year of Powtran’s  4th “five-year plan” , the year of "Internet + Industrial Automation" brings  significant development opportunities to POWTRAN.

In the strategy, we’ll actively carry out structural reforms, transform from the "professional frequency inverter manufacturer based on motor design & manufacture” toward "excellent supplier of industrial automation products & solutions"

On the technical aspect, relying on the core development platform "motor drive, control and new energy," we’ll actively participate in the competitive segments of industry, adopt IPD integrated product development process based on market and customer demand, develop lifting machinery, vessel electric drive, big power transmission system and other high-frequency technology products, to better meet the needs of "energy saving, intelligent manufacturing"

On the management ,we’ll strengthen supply chain management, build "innovation and entrepreneurship" talent optimization of performance appraisal system, to set up with partners “hand-in-hand” and “win-win” innovation model, to achieve highly polymerized of "customer value", "employee value" and "company platform value".

In the new year ,POWTRAN will keep taking advantage of industry trends, Seeking development in innovation.

We have the faith in "difficulty doesn’t exist in diligence", to lead the industry new normal; we lit hope with passion, using performance cast dream.


In the end, we  wish you everything goes  well  and  happy  new year, please also give our  warm greetings to your whole family.

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