Dynamic summer Exciting trip - Powtran Mid-Year Meeting

Powtran mid-year sales meetings and activities was held in July summer again, it is one of the important meeting in Powtran, we learned together, shared together, and enjoyed together!


After the closing of the conference, in order to let our staffs relaxation from hard working, and also enhance our team cohesion, Powtran Dalian and Shenzhen respectively organized wonderful outdoor recreation activities. Even the weather is hot in July, everybody still actively participate in activities, enjoyed themselves!



Dalian office sales team


Working together, Scaling new heights

Dalian company organized mountain climbing, our staffs successfully landed on the top and took the picture together. Actually everyone has a mountain in his heart, they proved themselves to the mountain!




Dalian office sales team in the top of the mountain


Shenzhen office sales team

 Sunshine beach, Barbecue food


Shenzhen is surrounded by sea, many beautiful beach and we could do lots of interesting activities like a yacht, aquatic paraglider, fishing, swimming and barbecue etc.

Shenzhen company organized BBQ at night after other beach activities finish. Team members by their own hands to make delicious food. Blowing sea breeze, listening to the music, end of the day.

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