Focus all to win the future!——The new year message from Chairman Mr Zhang

The monkey year ends, the golden phoenix brings the new year ! On the occasion of the New Year ,on behalf of Dalian Powtran Technology Co., Ltd., I would like to appreciate all the customers and partners continued trust and support to Powtran, thanks to all the employees for their diligent and hard work, thanks to the consistent understanding from the staff and their families! At this moment, I want to say Thank you all, Happy New Year!

In 2016, China's economic moves stable and get some progress. The main line is promoting the structural reform of the supply side , which makes the economic develop stablely and realizes the good beginning of the 13th Five-Year . In a highly competitive situation of the inverter industry, Powtran actively adapt to the new challenge and successfully achieve the business indicators.

Looking back at 2016, which is the beginning of the fourth five-year plan, it is also a worth memorizing year!

In 2016, the company layout "Made in China 2025", make the "smart manufacturing" product strategy, put forward the "5 +1 quality management" new model, around the target fit to carry out performance appraisal, pay attention to training implementation, play platform advantage, rapid integration of the supply chain of two base resources Dalian and Shenzhen, which forms a unified standard, upstream and downstream collaborative development system.

In 2016, the company adhere to independent innovation, carry out the spirit of artisans, with the leading new product in the industry development. It was honored the "technical product innovation award in the "China inverter industry annual selection". The high standard design of PI500 series of vector control inverter has become a new generation of the main inverter models, PS9500 frequency control cabinet for energy-saving emission reduction to enhance the level of automation, the PR5300 series intelligent online soft-start improve the motor drive, PI9000S photovoltaic pump inverter into the international market selling products ... ...

In 2016, the company's international strategy furtherly expand, with Hanover Industrial Fair and Canton Fair , POWTRAN products were sold to more than 100 countries and regions; 

As the vice president of the frequency inverter association and the member of technical committee of the national frequency inverter equipments, POWTRAN Technology actively promote the development of China's inverter industry and standardization works, won the " Advanced members of China Frequency Inverter Association ", attending “Experts Advisory Committee of Dalian Leading Group" and "Expert Association of Shenzhen Energy Conservation ", give an idea for China's manufacturing action plan and energy-saving emission reduction to improve energy efficiency.

The company's efforts is to create a good job and living environment for employees this year. We tour Dalian Binhai Road, Happy Sunshine Beach, leisure resort, Jiaojian stadium, show in new look, bright in new style, build a new POWTRAN together.

There are opportunities and challenges existing together in the new year, the more the hard work, the more you will get.

Looking ahead to 2017, the Chinese economy has entered a new state, a new pattern and a new stage, which also brings important development opportunities for the companies. Relying on the "motor drive, control and new energy" R & D platform, actively participate in industry segment competition, in lifting, ship electrical, high power transmission system, forging machine and other fields to develop high-end inverter, IP66 high protection inverter and other special products, to improve product performance and environmental adaptability as the goal, and continuously enhance product reliability; continue to strengthen the information platform construction and supply chain management, improve operational efficiency; innovative marketing model, and to establish closer and win-win partnership with distributors; improve profitability, so that let employees get more money, and better return to shareholders, and doing well in social citizenship.

Beautiful blueprint, hard-working, difficulties and obstacles, move forward!

In the new year, we are innovation-driven, gather together to win the future, to discuss the strategies! Co-Create innovative blueprint! Work together for New POWTRAN. Lets use the passion to ignite new hope, to build a dream 2017!

Sincerely wish you a happy New Year and all the dreams come true!

Dalian Powtran Technology Co., Ltd.

General Manager

Haijie Zhang

31th Dec. 2016

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