PS500-L upcoming series frequency inverter specially for building construction elevator

 With the continuous development of building industry, the construction mechanization level is improved constantly and the requirements of the quality and level of manufacturing and the technique of the building lift is also increasingly high. Adopting the technology of variable frequency and speed regulating, PL500-L can realize building lift’s the speed-up and speed-down of starting and stepless speed governing of braking process, decreasing the shock when the motor stops or starts to the mechanical system, improving the stability and comfort during the operation of building lift, prolonging the working life of building lift machine, greatly improved the working efficiency. The frequency inverter application on building lift will become a developing trend in building lift industry.




Product performance and feature

·Leading motor driving technology


To realized various motor control: whether it is driven and induced  by asynchronous motor or synchronous motor (Note: If it is closed-loop control can carry, open-loop or V/F control can not carry with synchronous motor.)

·Low speed high torque, small torque ripple

Zero speed torque keeping function, upside and downside switch beyond the zero velocity, no need to reply on brake action.


Steadily output of 0.5Hz/150% rated torque to ensure the hoisting equipment working steadily in the process of starting up and down.


·Lifting special use braking timing, safe and reliable

Lifting special use braking timing control is to monitor the inverter output frequency. It adopts double logic brake signal, making enough torque of motor outputs to prevent slip when building lift starts on the rise or fall. It also prevent vibration that happened by motor shock mechanical system when it starts on the rise.


·Excellent comfortable level when starts or stops

Specialized S curve acceleration and deceleration design greatly improved the comforts of starts and stop. The inverter can really realize brake in the condition ofzero speedwhen it stops .It is smooth layer and small shock. it can reduces gear abrasion. And disc brake’s durability is improved greatly.



S curve acceleration and deceleration A diagram





S curve acceleration and deceleration B diagram

·Special design for building hoist

PS500-L built in braking module, no need external braking unit

Small size, easy to install in the cage

Factory setting parameter, no need on-site parameter setting

For the specification and model selection of building lift


Commonly used specification: PS500-L 030G3~PS500-L 075G330kW~75kW

Principle of selection: In the building lift application, the motor will arise overload running in the moments of motor start, so the inverter need to higher power than the motor total power.


Adaptive Motor power

Rated current

PS500-L 030G3



PS500-L 037G3



PS500-L 045G3



PS500-L 055G3



PS500-L 075G3



PS500-L 093G3



PS500-L 110G3



·Online maintenance functions

The system has remote alarm function, when the building lift is on the abnormal condition of on-site working, it can immediately transmit to the equipment manufacturer and even faster to know the equipment running condition than the on-site users.


Base on the powerful data processing ability of GPRS data server, building lift any tiny running condition at the scene can be saved so as to maintain and manage the building lift.

·Strict reliability design

1. Speed up to realize the compact design of mechanical miniaturization.

2. Three anti-corrosion painting technology, Copper bar electroplating processing, key parts Dispensing curing processing.

3. Wide voltage range design: input voltage: AC 380V(-15% ~ +10%).

4. High precision current detection and protection function.

5. Power on Self-checking function.

6. A full range of machine protection function to ensure the reliability of the machine.

7. Professional production and management platform, 6S-ISO9001-ERP management structure.


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