Intelligent manufacturing in China, Brand Star - POWTRAN Technology 2017 Hannover Messe, Germany

April 24 -28, POWTRAN Technology, for the thirteen time, consecutively participated in the world's largest industrial exhibition in Hannover, Germany. This exhibition is popular in science and technology exhibition booth, exhibitors prototype exquisite atmosphere, high-definition large-screen display of product videos to attract a large number of customers stop to visit. The first day of the show, many customers praise POWTRAN Technology products, regardless of design or product performance are quite big brand style, some international brands have begun to recognize the general science and technology research and development and technical strength.

Visitors showed strong interest to the new product PI500 series AC drives regarding to operation and demonstration, and communicating in related technical issues. Most of the customers who visited the company's booth were interested in purchasing the prototype, and expressed willingness to cooperate with POWTRAN.

In recent years, POWTRAN Technology in the international market strategy gradually made a breakthrough, which marks the success of the product into the European countries market, and signed the local exclusive distributionship with many European countries. At the same time the company uses the international e-commerce platform, with South Africa, Chile, India, Russia, Malaysia and other countries and regions, more than 100 customers, established business contacts. And in Australia, Germany, Pakistan and other countries, we made special trips to science and technology fields. In addition, POWTRAN Technology get through CE, TÜV and other international certification, accessed to the European market. Company in Germany, Singapore, Russia and other countries successfully registered trademarks, and the registration of the Americas is under review.

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