Internet + fresh fruit cold chain, employees’ welfare will be handed by warm company next day

Can the welfare of employees be distributed through the intelligent logistics system in the "Internet +" era as well? Recently Powtran technology was given a whole process service of "Internet + fresh fruit cold chain" for sending staff cool and fresh fruit.

As we all know, Shenzhen is located in South of China, while Dalian in North, more than 30 hours to reach by train, more than four hours by plane. Cherry is the specialty in Northern Area and lychee in Southern Area. Fresh and seasonal fruit has become a luxury on the staff table.

In order to enhance the communication between departments, company leaders decide to provide staff  cool summer benefits, Dalian and Shenzhen to purchase fresh fruit for each other, and take a take a measure  of cold chain transport, to ensure to be handed to of employees immediately. 

Pre-fresh cold chain transport is expensive, accounting for more than 40% of the total cost, mainly because there is no complete domestic fresh logistics and distribution system, packaging, warehousing, distribution and other links still not get through. Data open is very important factor for the Internet to enhance the cold chain industry. It is as same as business management, data exchange can provide customers better services, to bring more benefits to enterprises. This time the exchange and cooperation of procurement of the fresh fruit also bring a new challenge and inspiration for carrying out work in two places. 

The fresh fruits were packed and delivered to each other from the orchard at 8 am 12th June

Lychee and cherry ready to go

Fresh fruit reached intactly

At 3 pm, employees were tasting the delicious fruits in the activity room

Activity site - Dalian

Activity site - Shenzhen

Staff filled with joyous smile

Look at the delicious lychees and cherries, employees are filled with a happy smile on their face, they chatted, taking pictures, uploading to their friends’ circle, showing the warm benefit from their company.


Every important traditional festival, staff will be given condolences and real benefits, so that they really appreciate the company's care and enjoy the results of development of enterprise. Powtran technology has been committed to let every employee feel a sense of pride, happiness and sense of belonging to the enterprise, through the construction of personnel, and jointly create a "simple, harmonious, pure" big family.


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