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Powtran Technology Middle year meeting is from 2017.07.07 to 2017.07.09 in the third meeting room at Henan restaurant henan zhengzhou.  The meeting focused on "2017 first half year summary" and "2017 second half year planning" two major themes.

Before the formal meeting, the first is sales training, through one and a half days training, sales managers learn from each other and constant growing. 

Like the words of Sakichi Toyoda: Use the knowledge to illuminate the future of success.

Mr. Zhanghaijie, General manager, finally summary the meeting: Enterprises in the increasingly fierce competition, in the severe economic situation, the future enterprise Leader need to have "optimistic, smart, introspective, sturdy " characteristics,then can survive and rise in the cracks in the environment .


             On date 2017.07.09, our middle year summary meeting officially started. Before the meeting, all managers watched the video of “Powtran Technology 2017 half year activities”.



Middle year meeting began at the wonderful speeches of business managers, They both in the first half of the outstanding sales manager, but also the management of the backbone to promote the sales team to improve.

           Every manager analyze the core of this department and the duty of himself in work summary problems and shortcomings. Put forward suggestions and measures to improve the 2017 work to ensure that the quality and quantity of the cross, together to achieve the company's overall goal.


Mr. Zhanghaijie, general manager finally summary the meeting: In the first half year of 2017, Powtran technology in continuing to promote domestic and international brand building has made breakthrough progress and lay the industry market position, especially in the product line perfect, improve the sales system and improve the efficiency of internal operations and so on ,gain remarkable results.


Final session of the meeting, generally manager Mr.Zhanghaijie announce top sales department winners list. The sales director prize for the outstanding performance of sales manager. 


          In 2017 it is no smoking industry war, Powtran technology with a clear strategy, a firm goal, practical action, to create a "Can fight, win the battle" and "Crack troops"


           During the meeting, the participants visited the Kaifeng Prefecture, thousands Park and other historic interest and scenic beauty.



Powtran Technology 2017 first half of the annual sales work summary of the convening of the meeting, not only summed up the first half of the sales work, but also clearly implemented the work of the second half of the direction, every responsible departments can target, plan and support to the market, for the full completion of the company's work plan for the year 2017 provides a strong support.

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