Be love in the landscape and enjoy the nature – Powtran Technology shenzhen branch wrap up the mid-year activity 2017.

Laohugou  environment: A 360 surrounded by the original green space; it has the world's first taro king which weight of 200 pounds ; surrounded by greenery ,which can accommodate 1,000 people to barbecue. With wonderful entertainment facilities. it is called the world's first farm depend on its farm area. 

With the special JIANGNAN style, the farm beauty can be view on the viewing platform. You can feel we are far away from the noisy of city and back to the nature, The ecological farm is really a great place where you can relax in the noisy city.

To enrich the staff's amateur cultural life, ease the pressure of staff and to promote communication between each other, Powtran technology Carried out collective development activities at LAOHU GOU on 15th .July 2017. (Saturday)

We feel particularly relaxed when we exposure to the scenery of nature.

Walking in the forest trail and enjoying the fresh air.  We appreciate the scenery of nature.


We cooked our own food in the noon , Smoke is surrounded by the north wind, Everyone are working together,  the chefs are gearing up , some colleagues rolled up their trousers and picked up vegetables, they looks busy and enjoying themselves as well.


We will miss the Picnic guys, the ones we work together these years ,

Just turn off the camera, sit around in such a joyful feast, let’s start and enjoy the delicious!

We are happy to say that the most wonderful is the Outdoor Expand Training, but not the delicacy.


CS team mate

Team slogan: Leap the mountain, we will Cracking down you like a tiger.

Style team mate

Team slogan: Friendship first, competition second

Athletic team mate

Team slogan: Solidarity, Invincible

Dinner- barbecue time, everyone tastes the barbecue food, delicious fragrance,


Several colleagues one table, enjoy a delicious barbecue next to the fire.

At the end of the day, we still feel very happy under the drizzle, Thanks Powtran .


We would like to say the colleagues friendship is even more touched than the joy of visiting the scenery,


This activity enriched the staff's amateur life, and strengthened the communication between the departments, we believe the company will be more harmonious like a family with better enterprise cohesion and combat effectiveness.

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