One international engineer abroad life

Mr. Li, born in 1955, Liaoning, Dalian, the international marketing engineer, work in Southeast Asia.

Written in front

Southeast Asia, beautiful scenery, is a tourist destination.For Mr. Li, this is not home, but more intimate than home.

Mr. Li is my colleague in past three years,  we met only few times but left a very deep impression. He is humble and excellent technical engineer, respected and loved by the company colleagues. After contact with him, you will feel his physical mind no difference with young people .Everything because he traveled all over the world, open-minded.

Every where he reach, he will write mode in Wechat. There is some pictures to show his life abroad after his agreement. 

June 8, 2017.  Only 200 km to mine by car cost 6 hours, mountain road is not good, here is often said that the Golden Triangle area.



June 19, 2017. the airport to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


June 24, 2017,the airport, went to Vietnam Ho Chi Minh.

June 27,2017. Early in the morning,go to fifth county Bánh Xèo Ngc hotel to install a 5.5Kw constant pressure water pump inverter. Vietnam's capital, Ho Chi Minh City, is a kingdom of motorcycles. Everybody will ride a motorcycle here.

August 20,2017, tomorrow have to go to Cambodia, from Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia Sihanouk City more than 10 hours, this afternoon to buy tickets and buy something to eat on the road. 

August 21,2017, in the morning 5:30 from Ho Chi Minh City, sitting in Cambodia Kainan Passenger Company bus, just by ferry over the Mekong River, and then an hour and a half to the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh.

Vietnam Cambodia border port

Service area rest 

Hanging skill friends

Cambodia actually has WeChat and pay treasure signs

2017,Mr. Li work through the customer scene.






From June to August, the most hot season, Mr. Li almost traveled through Southeast Asia, visited many customers. Often see his circle of friends, can feel his optimism. Now there are many young people sitting in air-conditioned room, but complained about the environment is not good, but still feel tired alive too tired. We should think about work make you tired or our own state of mind problems.

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