POWTRAN Technology: Three decades of classic achievements, quality creates brilliance

The global automation industry got recovered this year after two years of low-speed development. It is so-called wind sturdy grass withstands high wind, the times produce their heroes. When many enterprises are in death struggle against the low tide, Dalian POWTRAN Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as POWTRAN Technology), chairman Mr. Zhang Haijie, leading his people advance bravely in the inverter industry, making POWTRAN technology unique label" the pioneer for electrical drive and control field".

Dalian Motor Factory’s first cooperation with Toshiba to introduce technology of production of inverter to China market since 1984, approved by the State Economic Commission, 1994 popular sale in China, in 2001 the establishment of Dalian POWTRAN Technology Co., Ltd. 33 years up to now. POWTRAN technology integrated Toshiba Japan and Taiwan's technology, relying on Tsinghua University and the company's strong R & D strength, through advanced production and testing equipment to provide customers products with multifunction and different levels, such as AC frequency inverter, motor Soft starter, servo motor and power supply, motor environmental protection energy-saver, production line with automatic control system, exporting to Europe and America, Southeast Asian countries. How did POWTRAN technology maintain a steady growth trend in the ups and downs of inverter industry recent years? Gongkong interviews with POWTRAN Technology Chairman Mr. Zhang Haijie to elaborate for us.


POWTRAN Technology Chairman Zhang Haijie

Thirty years of steady progress, adhere to the sustainable development strategy.

Shenzhen, as the core area of Pearl River Delta (Great Bay Area), based on its unique market environment and policy advantages, small and medium-sized inverter companies are particularly concentrated. In recent years, emerging brands are growing rapidlyand the market performance is also very good. Mr. Zhang Haijie pointed out that as the groundbreaking brand in 80s of last century, POWTRAN (POWTRAN Technology., Ltd) has a unique style, like the peace in the chest after a heavy storm, so that POWTRAN always playing as a key role in Chinas inverter industry. When the industry faces obstacles, POWTRAN can always following the trend and making timely adjustment.

"Facing the new competitive environment can always strengthen our own direction of development, to maintain our competitive advantage, mainly due to the spirit of our company ingenuity. In short, is focus on doing one thing for over more than 30 years: inverter. In the interview process, GONGKONG® note that, even in the constantly upgrading automation industry by today, the original Chief Engineer of Dalian Motor Factory, Mr. Zhang Haijies adherence to product quality has never changed. Thirty years experience to make Mr. Zhang well aware of the steady development of inverter company, only in the guidance of ingenuity spirit, develop from technology, product, personnel training, corporate culture and other aspects of the accumulation of ideas, can enable the enterprise to keep pace with the times. 

As a professional inverter manufacturer based on motor design & manufacture, experienced more than 30 years of accumulation and precipitation, POWTRAN has a set of independent and perfect system, including cultural heritage, technological innovation and market experience. With integration of resources, POWTRAN formed two centers in Dalian and Shenzhen. Throughout China's inverter industry, only POWTRAN with the North (Dalian) and South (Shenzhen) axis through the R & D, production and service, this geographical advantage determines its ability to effectively allocate resources, response fast and easy to meet customers needs. Based on the two centers of radiation, POWTRAN has established in Guangzhou, Wuxi, Qingdao, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shenyang offices and other national marketing & service network, achieves the greatest resources integration and maximum advantage in sale, market, and service.

Accurate clear positioning, creating "champion" inverter

"Powtran technology focused on the six major product types: frequency inverter, inverter integrated devices, soft starters, soft-start integration devices, servo drives and servo control devices, in short, do a good job of motor-driven control-related smart products and devices are  powtran technology direction of development. "Mr. Zhang Haijie introduced. Among them, the high-performance vector inverters PI500 series  were showed at the 122nd Canton Fair  already.

(Powtran technology products full range)

Powtran Technology has always attached great importance on product development,   new product every year will attract the industry's key focus, this year new product PI500 series of high-performance vector inverter, compared to conventional science and technology products, new products The current market optimized structure design, high power volume ratio, compared to the previous product size reduced by more than 30%, so PI500 series of high-performance vector inverter in the stability, reliability and price are more competitive force.

(Product PI500 series high-performance vector inverter)

Compared with similar products on the market, PI500 series high-performance vector frequency converter in addition to the volume advantage, price advantage, imported core components, independent duct design and high-speed DC fan, has a good cooling function.

Double LED film keyboard, interface design more humane. In the installation, to achieve a variety of flanges, wall-mounted, floor installation, low-power machines to achieve rail installation, applicable to various site environmental requirements. In addition, PI500 series high-performance vector inverter built-in communication module and GPRS card, enabling PC side interconnection operation and remote positioning monitoring.

Foresight, standing in the forefront of the industry leader

      In recent years, the frequency inverter market capacity continues to expand, the frequency inverter industry also maintained a relatively stable growth rate, It’s on an average of about 15%. With the 13th Five-Year plan for energy conservation and emission reduction of industry support and promote, as the bridgehead of energy saving and emission reduction industry, the frequency Inverter industry also ushered in a new opportunity In the 2016-2017 year. In 2017, Powtran Technology meets the new development trend, seize the opportunity and broaden the market gradually, In the first half of this year, the domestic market was outstanding, achieving a growth of 25%. In the international market, the popularization of science and technology is becoming internationalized, and absorb new cultural concepts and market concepts around the world constantly, so that universal communication technology has a higher degree of integration and innovation ability, maintain a steady pace and continue to explore the international market. Overall, due to a variety of relatively favorable industry environment, Powtran Technology market performance in the domestic market is better than the international market this year.

Mr. Zhang Haijie told us that the frequency inverter market is basically the Red Sea market, in order to break through in this environment , we must stand in a higher dimension to look at the market. At present, the application of Powtran Technology products is mainly located in the middle market and the traditional market from eight spindles derived industries, than fans, pumps, CNC, injection molding, drawing, winding, lifting positioning, etc. In addition, Mr. Zhang Haijie told us that today's frequency inverter market is quite different from thirty years ago, in order to have a foothold in it, in addition to the motor drive intelligent product planning and product and competitive product analysis, we should also increase the target product R & D investment, to make it with the special market complement each other, interactive development, and finally dig out a large amount of industry wide range of blue ocean products, do a good job in the market transformation of products.

Trying to be a century enterprise with continuously development and innovation.

      Since 1984, POWTRAN is a leading brand with more than 30 years inheritance and innovation experience and still advancing with times.Brand is the embodiment of time, is practice accumulated to a certain point of conversion.

For "Made in China 2025" and Industry 4.0, powtran president Mr Zhang think that the industrial system can be divided into five categories: Big Data Software Industry, IoT Enterprise, Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Products and Basic Parts Products. Based on the above view, POWTRAN will not only concentrate on motor-driven smart products,but also provide its own resources to actively integrate with the market and resources of upstream and downstream enterprises.

      The rapid development of the internet has accelerated the rapid flow of business elements,POWTRAN focused on the bottle-neck of the industry and potential opportunities for internal planning training, deepen the construction of talent echelon and corporate culture development; we strengthened the foundation of the MMSSN management system based on 6S and ISO9000 quality management system, focused on market, manufacturing, sales,service and net, and actively participate in the revision of international motor-driven standards and certification accreditation, making corporate development with customers.POWTRAN will committed to the inheritance and innovation to become one of a century enterprise.

      Chance favors only the prepared mind. I believe that the modern industrial manufacturing will have more surprises under the integration of informatization and intelligence. and we look forward to the leader of domestic frequency inverter can be achieve higher career dream.

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