POWTRAN have passed ISO9001 quality system review

 July 17,, Shenzhen POWTRAN technology in the ISO9001 quality system review, and through the expert group of hard work all day and all departments with enthusiasm, evaluation work successfully completed, at the final meeting of evaluation experts authentication are given by the result by the judge, this also is POWTRAN brand 12 consecutive years smoothly through ISO quality system authentication.

Evaluation expert POWTRAN technology serious work attitude and practice of the standard grades given the full affirmation, but also to the POWTRAN technology in each detail puts forward new requirements, the competent departments, say the ISO9001 quality system is to enhance the level of management tools, its essence is improving the core competitive power, not for a paper certificate, in the future work will ISO9001 quality system implementation better!     




ISO knowledge small links:

ISO9000 standard ISO9001 is family includes a set of quality management system is one of the core standards. The standard of ISO9000 family is international organization for standardization (ISO) asked in 1994 concept, it is to point to "by ISO/Tc176 (ISO quality management and quality assurance technology committee) made the international standard.

ISO9001 used to confirm the organization to be provided to satisfy customer's requirements and applicable regulations require the ability of the products, the purpose is to enhance customer satisfaction. With commodity economy to expand and increasingly global, for improving product prestige, reduce duplication of inspection, weaken and the elimination of trade barriers, maintenance producers, technology JingXiaoZhe, users and consumers all rights and interests, and the third party both sides by authentication and economic interests dominate, notarization, science, is the various countries to product and the enterprise on the quality evaluation and supervision and pass; As a customer to the supplier quality system audit of theory; Enterprise have meet its order products technical requirements of ability.

ISO9001 is used to confirm that the organization has the ability to meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction. With the continuous expansion of the commodity economy and the growing internationalization, to improve the credibility of the product, reduce duplication of tests, to weaken and eliminate technical barriers to trade, to maintain the producer, distributors, users and consumers rights of any party, the authenticator subject to both production and marketing economic interests dominate, the notary, science, countries pass quality assessment and monitoring of products and businesses; as a customer on the basis of the supplier quality system audit; enterprises have the ability to meet the technical requirements of the products ordered.

All through the authentication enterprise, in various management system integration has reached the international standard, it shows that the enterprise can steady offering our customers the expected and satisfaction of qualified products. Standing in the point of view of the consumer, the company is with the customer as the center, can satisfy the needs of customers and achieve customer satisfaction, not inducing consumers.

2.1 ISO9001:2000 standard requirement description:

Quality management system:

Form a documented quality management system;

Set up quality manual;

Control documents and records.

Management responsibilities:

For management commitment;

Customer oriented;

Set up quality policy;

Set up quality goal and planning process;

Sure duty limits of authority and ensure effective communication;

Carry out the management review activities to ensure the sustainability of the quality management system.

Resource management:

Provide the resources needed for the quality management;

Human resources management;

Infrastructure management;

Work environment management.

The product realization:

Planning the product realization process;

Management and customer about the process;

Design and development;

Purchasing management;

Management processes for production and service provision;

Management monitoring devices.

Measurement, analysis and improvement:

Monitoring and measurement, the customer satisfaction, quality management system, quality management system process and products;

Control of nonconforming;

Data analysis;

Improvement-continuous improvement, take corrective action and preventive measures.

2.2 ISO9000:2000 standard follow eight quality management principles:

Customer oriented

Leadership role

Full participation

Process method

Management system method

Continuous improvement

Based on facts decision-making method

The supplier relationship of mutual benefit

2.3 ISO9001: ISO9001:2000 standard follow PDCA mode.


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