Practice energy conservation and emission reduction responsibility for emerging industry development and efforts-general manager ZhangHaiJie accept special interview

In recent years, and in the international economic tide of the impact and influence, a group of new industry started in Dalian up-and-coming, and constantly taking the whole industry influential position, its future in the life of the ordinary people to change at the same time, the profound change a city decades or even hundreds of years by the formation of the inherent industry framework. In Dalian in 2010 will be "new energy equipment, ocean engineering and high technology of advanced equipment manufacturing, shipping, saving energy and new energy vehicles, software and service outsourcing, integrated circuit, information communication products, new materials and biological industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, high-end service" 10 industry on the future of the focus on the development of new industries.


As a domestic engaged in electrical transmission of energy saving and emission reduction years of POWTRAN technology Co., LTD. ZhangHaiJie general manager has accepted the Dalian newspaper group belong to reporters. Reporter by the "sound + balance, let the enterprise did not short board" as the title, points "28 in the industry in devoting" and "innovative but not pursue absolute speed" and "healthy balance is the premise of the innovation" three parts of sharing a general manager of experience and comprehension and known throughout the steady growth of science and technology, feel the general science and technology "unique charm".  

In the adjustment of industrial structure and energy conservation and emission reduction, under the new situation of the science and technology at the independent intellectual property rights of the "high performance vector control frequency converter" "ac servo drive system" and "new energy vehicles motor drive system" and other products in the research and development and industrialization will boost Dalian emerging industry development.

The theme of "new industry figures mapping" is at the city economic committee, under the support of the new business daily on July 1, 2010 launch of the series feature, weekly (1), designed to focus on emerging field of the change that has taken place, especially in these industries to take the lead in place oneself in the person's work and life.

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