POWTRAN have taked part in 2010years low carbon and energy saving technology BBS in Liaoning of China

 In order to promote a low carbon and energy saving in liaoning province and application of technology, reduce the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, August 27, liaoning province and the information economy committee held "2010 China liaoning low carbon and energy saving technology BBS". POWTRAN technology were invited to attend the meeting.

Company general manager, 863 energy saving and new energy vehicle subject at the meeting Mr. ZhangHaiJie leader do a "electric car control and new energy industry development" theme speech. The keynote speech electric car development trend, motor drive system research and development and the 1025 planning, this paper analyzes the development status of new energy industry, this paper introduces POWTRAN Technology in energy conservation and emission reduction in a low carbon economy development efforts, abundant and accurate data, speech and vivid.

Otherwise Siemens,  XinFengGuangl-electronic, ZET energy, Swedish low carbon energy saving technology shares 6 companies such as low carbon energy saving enterprise to do the frequency conversion technology, contract management mode, energy monitoring energy management report. The cities of Liaoning province economic committee, municipal supervisory resources section chief, director of the center for energy conservation, various cities 15 home key energy-using enterprise, the principal province key energy-using enterprise controller tube (province tube enterprise for 80000 tons of standard coal mine) of about 200 people attend the meetings. Inverter, capacitance and other enterprise the scene showed the latest energy-saving products.

The meeting by the China electro technical society committee of Liaoning province electric energy conservation and resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of the association to undertake.

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