Powtran technology will participate in the new national standard of inverter review

Recently, the inverter branch of China electrical equipment industry association and the national electric electronic speed drive system Standardization Technical Committee was held in Guangzhou "2010 speed electric drive systems, standards review". Industry's Senior Vice President of Association of manufacturers, inverter units powtran technology corporation was invited to take part in and the approval of relevant national standards.



This review is of the standard has "speed drive systems" GB12668 series standard and "General specification for semiconductor excitation of synchronous motor speed" and "semiconductor General specification for variable flow cascade speed control device".
National standards on inverter, the experts reviewed revised the GB12668.3 speed electrical drive system of the 3rd part of the electromagnetic compatibility requirements and test methods for specific; review di5-1, 5-2 part of the new draft "security requirements" and 7-1 "interface" standard. After perfection, the above standard will be submitted for review, implementation is expected in May 2010 will be published.

Association, the National Conference by China frequency converter speed drive system Standardization Technical Committee on power electronics Director Zhao Xiangbin Dr, ABB, Emerson, Jiuzhou Electric, using technology more than more than 30 units sent experts to participate in the review. Guangzhou zhiguang electric company limited provides facilitation and support for the Conference.

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