Announcement of the selection of electric industry top ten powtran technology won the two Crown

    January 11, 2011, industry developments and set an example, on the theme "green industry · Red China" "China electric industry top ten award 2010 award ceremony" was held in Beijing's Diaoyutai State guesthouse, powtran Technology Corp won both of the Crown, Chairman Mr Zhang Haijie was awarded "top ten leader" award, powtran technology, Ltd "inverter top ten enterprises in China".



    This event is organised by the China's excellent e-commerce platform, HC, by China electrical equipment industry association and China electro-technical Institute of Institute of electrical energy-saving Special Committee of industry leading experts and the media attach great importance to and support in the industry. Since it was launched on September 19, there are more than 1600 companies invited to participate in, the selection race after almost 3 months and nearly a million users of online message support, huicong buyers online votes and expert evaluation in the industry. Finally recognises eight awards for technical innovation enterprise and other individual awards. Work in the electrical industry for 28 years, inverter, President of the Association, head of the national 863 plan project, scholarly enterprise of Chairman of the Board, General Manager Mr Zhang Haijie eventually come to the fore, won the China electric industries "top ten leader" award. Development of frequency conversion technology, dedicated to motor drive and control and energy-saving powtran Technology Corp get to the cause of "ten best converter enterprise" title. Company representatives said in an interview with China Central television, powtran technology believes that "greener more efficient frequency conversion technology for economic development", the company will continue to provide customers with excellent products and services. With industry experts and customers on powtran technology thanks to the trust and support of and delivered the new year wishes. China Central television, Beijing television station, SINA and Tencent came to cover more than more than 80 news media reported. Meanwhile, organizers have also invited HC electrical network over more than 100 buyers representatives arrived at the scene to witness the electrical industry awards event of the year.

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