Powtran technology POWTRAN successfully registered trademark in many countries

    International trademark number, have become the core competitiveness of a country standard, creating a number of internationally renowned brands is the only way to made in China to created in China.



    Powtran technology for many years focusing on intellectual property management and maintenance, while the products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions, actively registered international trademarks, trademark role to play in international competition. Following the POWTRAN (registration number 1,910,436)) was recognized as "famous trademark" post, present the company in Germany (registered number 30200907414B), Russia (422,136), Singapore (T0915214B), successfully registered POWTRAN trademark goods category No. 09, including inverters, inverter, voltage and low voltage power supply, power automation equipment and other goods. American national registration is reviewed.   

    Powtran technology of good reputation and excellent product quality is recognized by consumers and public, registered international trademarks more elevated powtran technology brand image and brand protection in the international market.

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