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  • Name :PS7800 Energy Saving Machine -AC Drives

  • Depending on electric control cutting-edge 

    technology and electric motor running features,

    POWTRAN developed this new generation product 

    with high-quality, multi-functional motor 

    control, environmental protection and energy 

    saving. It has integrated space voltage vector,

    PWM, vector control technology, adopted 

    high-performance power module and advanced

    energy-saving manufacturing process, which 

    let it be innovative and worldwide advanced. 

    This product is different from electrical 

    energy saver in the past, with variable speed

    to meet the dual effect of technology and 

    energy saving and lowspeed, heavy load 

    equipment control. That truly realizes 

    intelligent, systematic and individual 

    management of the energy savings.


On the basis of electric control cutting-edge technology and electric motor running features, POWTRAN developed this new generation product with high-quality, multi-functional motor control, environmental protection and energy saving. It has integrated space voltage vector, PWM, vector control technology, adopted high-performance power module and advanced energy-saver manufacturing process, which make it more innovative and progressive worldwide. This product is different from electrical energy saver in the past, with stepless speed function to meet the dual effect of technology and energy saving, the low-speed, heavy load equipment control. That truly realizes intelligent, systematic and individual management of the energy-savings.

1. Adopting Texas Instruments TI 32-bit DSP chip as the core control unit, optimized space vector control technology, realized high performance control system;

2. Application of high performance power module IGBT and advanced energy-saving device manufacturing process, carrying out the integration of the motor input power and control system;

3. With automatic torque compensation, automatic voltage regulation, the instantaneous power speed tracking re-start function;

4. Built-in PlD function enable the high speed response closed-loop control;

5. Humanistic design to avoid user secondary processing, easy to operate and convenient;

6. Equipped with LED display, operation parameters can be read at any time;

7. Compatible with RS485 and Can Bus communication protocol, available for different requirement of automatic control system.

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