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  • Name :Electromagnetic Blender Special Power and Control System


Product Features:
According to the process of special steel, aluminum, lead and so on non-ferrous metals Smelting casting process requirements,
 based on the vector Control the frequency conversion technology platform ,  Powtran technology developed PI7900 series of electromagnetic stirrer power and control system as dedicated power system . Product performance meets or exceed the similar foreign products, Filling The Domestic Blank, Has through the Inspection of the national authoritative organization and the identification of provincial Division technological achievements . High power factor , good output waveform , powerful control system communications , EMS supporting the use of electromagnetic stirrer.


1、the authority examines the national standards
Through “the country electrically controlled switching equipment quality surveillance test center” examination to  GB/T12668.2-2002 Gb7251- 2006 YB/T4139-2005  national standards and so on; The electrical energy quality conform to : GB/T14549-1993, GB/T15543- 1993, GB/T15945-1995  standards and so on .
Through the appraisal of Provincial science and technology achievements, the expert advice “this product has advanced technology, fill domestic gap, the performance index achieves the international advanced level” Got the Dalian science and technology progress prize .
2. advanced technology  high reliability
Used 32 special-purpose DSP as the core control unit, the application of vector control technology has realized power source's high accuracy closed-loop control, guaranteed that the electric current and the frequency high stability and the high accuracy . With continuous stirring, the gap , both positive and negative alternately stirring work ways .
Output frequencies and the output current alternately continuously may establish alone and adjust, did not disturb mutually.
Current has closed-loop self- regulatory function, Output waveform is good, the efficiency is high, power factor ≥0.95. New SPWM modulation system.
The carrier frequency is high (may reach 20kHz) , waveform is good,, the dynamic response is quick, waveform is good
switch, contact device, rectification, filter, cushion circuit, contravariant part IGBT,  all select international well-known manufacturer products, Chose the larger  withstand voltage , over current , thermal protection factor.Machine using the standard GGD cabinet and low-frequency power manufacturing process in the design
3、the control is flexible and powerful
System with a variety of ways of working ways like manual, automatic , remote control ,, good man-machine interface , the interface process .Parameters are stored and call interface, system control , graphics, text, working conditions display and fault alarm functions.Control system to fully meet the communication requirements of the steel industry (especially with the Siemens communications connection) , a powerful communication Function , easy to communicate with other devices , as well as a network , remote diagnosis , remote control operation.Real-time control and monitoring are used in industrial computers , with high anti-jamming capability , high reliability, powerful , can be quasi-Ensure the timely collection of field information and data.
4、Simple operation, convenient and flexible
All Chinese language shows, with good man-machine interface , easy to grasp and manipulate.The operations are divided into:manual , automatic local , remote (or network control) , the user can in the central control room of each stream Blender for a variety of operating and monitoring.Conditions and fault information can be real-time storage of the flow of electromagnetic stirrer , ease for operators to bring up or print, carry out product analysis , failure analysis at any time.
5、failure diagnosis   complete protection function
the diagnosis rectifier breakdown, the inverter breakdown, the three-phase not balanced breakdown, the winding insulation, the electric current followed breakdown, break and the short trouble and so on; With short circuit, the flow, heat, voltage protection function,the system have the reliable cushion circuit and other anti jamming electric circuit ,are divided into the warning, Stopping Stirring and the total system stop 3 kinds of processing way

6、Wide application and convenient for the user
The product applies in the continuous casting electromagnetism mixer, has the function to promote product quality, the output and reduces the cost, the expanded continuous casting variety, improvement technological conditions and so on .
in addition, may also apply in the aluminum, the lead, the zinc, the copper and so on non-ferrous metal smelting situation.
 According to user scene request making an order, its technical specification and the movement reliability are not lower than the original installation introduction equipment, but in the price is lower than obviously imports the equipment.


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