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  • Name :Constant Pressure Water Supplying Machine

  • Radio interference in the input and output lines and the drive itself will be launched in the input and output sides are set on both sides of the noise filter, and all shielded with a metal box, then you can reduce the radio interference
    The connection line between the inverter and motor should be as short as possible


1.Multiple pumps distance frequency, the frequency automatic switching, automatic energy saving operation

2.PID parameters self-tuning to ensure a constant + programmable control (PLC) function

3.Highly energy efficient, to achieve pressure, flow, level and temperature of the automatic control

4.Potentiometers / keyboard / optional multi-speed mode, automatic or programmable 7 steps adjustable speed running.

5.Automatic power off tracking function, the motor smoothly operates in the short-term power-off unattended operation.

6.RS232/485 interfaces for building automation management

7.Small size, easy installation

8.Soft-start, soft stop may extend the operational life of mechanical load

9.Wide voltage range, to adapt to a variety of conditions

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