Products >> ADSD-S-S Permanent Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor and Drive

  • Name :ADSD-S-S Permanent Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor and Drive

  • Power range:400W~4KW

    Voltage range: 3 phase 220V


Brief introduction: 

The ADSD-S-S series is designed by Powtran, a new generation of AC servo drive of science and technology with the modern industrial field of automatic control. High integration,  small size, high reliability, and a number of advantages. For high-precision CNC machine tool axis, automated production lines, machinery manufacturing and other industrial control automation field.


Product features  

-Using DSP(Digital Signal Processor) as core control unit, achieve optimal SPWM control technology

-Integrates Position control, Speed control and Torque control

-Position control integrates external pulse control and internal position code control, achieves accurate positioning function

-Three ways of pulse input: double pulses, pulse+direction and orthogonal pulse

-Analog terminals can receive signal range between -10V~+10V

-8-way programmable input control terminals

-5-way programmable output control terminals

-Built-in PID function enables high performance close-loop control, speed control.

-Variable gain function and instruction smooth functions ensure high running performance at low speed (speed adjustable range: above 1:5000)

-Powerful communication capability, supports standard RS485/232 and Canbus

-Humanized menu, highlighted LED display parameters of 5 digits, easy to monitor parameters status and easy for parameters adjusting

-Unique designed IGBT temperature monitoring function, fan adjustable, immediately reduce motor noise and temperature

-Perfect protection from over-current, over-voltage, over-heat, over-load, under-voltage, phase-lost and encoder faults.

-Efficient fault inquiry and recording, easy troubleshooting

-Power range: 400W~4KW

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