Products >> Soft Starter with Cabinet

  • Name :Soft Starter with Cabinet

  • Power range:380-460KW

    Voltage level:3-phase 380V



PR5200 -G Series  intelligent motor soft starter cabinet is the integration of motor control theory, proprietary motor protection technology and advanced software technology, new equipment, is the ideal alternatives of early starting on motor star / delta conversion.


Knitting Machine, Compressor extruding machine, Injection machine motor, Braiding machine, Pressure fan, Forced draught blower, Blower, Blowing machine, Blow molding machine, Roots blower, Film blowing machine, Cutterbar, Cut-off machine, Slitter, Cutting machine, Conveyor, Pump, Grinder crusher, Glazing machine, Polisher, Polishing machine, Laundry-drier, Drying machine, Ball crusher, Ball grinding mill, Drawing machine and so on.



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