POWTRAN TECHNOLOGY advertising video

On April 24, "Powtran Technology -Product Article" and "Powtran Technology-Industry Application Article" propaganda films released by Germany Hanover exhibition for the first time facing the world, used  high quality, modern video shots, lively & vividly shows Powtran new series of PI500 products and other products in various industry application.

"Powtran Technology -Product Article" produced for half a year, following the whole process of the evolution PI500 products, using dynamic and static images one by one, with the aid of animation and 3D art means to depict the PI500 products uniqueness. The film is 1 minute long, with a simple style and a sense of technology.

"Powtran Technology-Industry Application Article" Start with "emblem of application of industry", highlights the company's products in the basic industries and pillar industry, general industry, special industry and other industry covers in the field of five levels, highlight in the field of special shaft, winding, the focus of the solar energy application scenarios, and then use multiple chapters together sublimation theme: to build a green energy-saving city.The film was a one-and-a-half minute film with a striking image.

To create the green wisdom future with innovative technology.

The professional manufacturer of frequency inverter, which has the experience of motor design and manufacturing.

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