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Perfect welfare benefits.

Ø pre-tax salary = 12 monthly salary + annual bonus, annual salary according to the profits of the company as a whole and the individual performance;

Ø standard working time: 5 days per week, 8 hours per day, statutory holidays and paid annual leave according to state provisions;

Ø sound welfare system: 5 insurances (pension, medical treatment, inductrial injury, unemployment, birth) a gold (housing accumulation fund) + bonus + years travel + + free dormitory housing allowance, year-end activity;

Ø colorful cultural life: all kinds of association + birthday party, all kinds of sports and outdoor activities;


Career development

Company pay attention to the growth and development of employees and staff career planning, and is committed to provide good career paths for employees, designed for staff development, management or double career development channels of promotion.

In addition, the company according to the employee's ability, job performance and business needs, after the staff for individual apiration, to arrange the employee in mobility within the company, in order to better help employees play to potential, promote professional development of necessary skills.


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