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This logo is composed of basic figures such as squares, triangles, and circles. The shape is the deformation of the letter “P”, the three triangles are from small to large, and they are rotated upwards to symbolize the burst of energy. The use of triangles and the special treatment of squares make the logo looks structurally rigorous, indicating the stability and operability of our products, also highlighting the fine features of our products. The colors are mainly red and black, representing strength and life, enabling POWTRAN to continue for development.

  • Company vision

    Intelligent manufacturing with application of power electronics technology, providing users with the most competitive smart products and solutions, to become a world-renowned brand in the field of electrical drive and control

  • Company purpose

    Provide perfect solutions to create value for society

  • Company mission

    Enable customers experience products and services value-added in different scenarios and ecological environments, to promote economic and social development in high-quality

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    Integrity, unity and enterprising, pioneering and innovation, surpassing ourselves

  • Quality policy

    Satisfying customers; enhancing core competence; developing with POWTRAN

  • Value belief

    Integrity, innovation, collaboration, sharing

  • Talent concept

    Today I am proud of POWTRAN, and POWTAN will be proud of me tomorrow.

  • Working concept

    Enjoy the process of struggle instead of waiting for the result of struggle, learning to work, working to learn.

  • Crisis outlook

    Only companies that continue to grow and surpass competitors in the market can survive

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