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Powtran Technology has won the "CMCD2021 Most Valuable Investment Award in motion Control Field"
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On December 28, the award ceremony of "2021 China Motion Control/Direct Drive Industry Development Summit Forum" came to a close in Baoan, Shenzhen.  

Participation as a motion control industry enterprises in China is the highest peak, the industry's most influential BBS, the event, China transmission network adopted the theme of "our industrial control golden decade", gathered more than 500 higher-education passenger flow inside course of study, research institutions and investment platform, in view of the industry for further communication and discussion, the present and future development  And in the witness of all the guests to announce one by one won the award of this selection.  

As a well-known brand in the field of motion control, Powtran Technology participated in the whole selection, and won the most investment value award in the field of motion control by CMCD2021 with excellent scientific research strength and product innovation.  As a well-known manufacturer in the field of domestic intelligent manufacturing and control, Powtran Technology has been working hard in the industry for 20 years, and has been committed to promoting the application of inverter and servo and other industrial control products, to bring users good experience of products and services.

So far, Powtran technology after four generations of product innovation, respectively launched "PI7000 series" "PI8000 series" "PI9000 series" and "PI500 series" a number of general and special products, and has a set of research and development, design, production and sales in one of the complete product line.  At the same time, the company actively participates in the revision of national standards and industry standards and other related work, and has won many provincial and municipal government commendations in energy conservation and emission reduction.  

To the future, Powtran technology will continue to adhere to the "to promote economic and social development, high quality" for the mission, actively explore the use of energy-saving products to bring users a better experience, let the energy-saving products into application scenario, more to become a good help in a wide range of industries, make different scenarios and the ecological environment of industry customer experience value added products and services.  

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