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Powtran Technology 2021 summary commendation Conference successfully concluded
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Time flies when time flies.The year 2021 has ended in haste and achievement, and let's embark on the journey of 2022.

On January 11, 2022, dalian Powtran Technology Co., LTD. 's year-end management review and summary commendation conference came to a successful conclusion! Chairman and General Manager of the company Mr. Zhang, Vice General Manager Mr. Jiang and other senior leaders of the company and more than 100 colleagues attended the annual meeting. 

01 Summary of work in 2021

At 8:30 a.m., the conference started, and the heads of all departments of Powtran Technology made a summary review of the work in 2021, and spoke and shared the work goals for 2022. 

Director Tang, International Marketing Department:

The results of 2021 were reviewed in terms of product, industry and market, and the performance targets for 2022-2023 were released.

     Director Luo of Domestic Marketing Center:

Analyze the sales data and market data of Shenzhen marketing Center in 2021, and continue to dig customer demand in 2022 based on learning from reform.

     Director Li, Domestic Marketing Center:

     Listed in detail the sales data of Dalian marketing Center in 2021, and looked forward to 2022, will continue to make efforts to seize the market vanguard.

Deputy General Manager Jiang:

A summary review of the company's operation in 2021 is carried out, and a fine vision of operation is put forward in the New Year. 

02 Annual Sales Commendation


In 2021, with the hard work of all employees, the company has achieved dazzling results and the performance is rising.Through all the difficulties, a batch of talented people in the company have made outstanding contributions, and today's honor and recognition should belong to them. 

2021 Sales Elite Award

Once again, let's celebrate the outstanding individuals and teams above, who are an example for all to follow.In 2022, please stay true to your original aspiration, make persistent efforts and make further achievements!


03 Summary of this meeting

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zhang, chairman of the board of directors of the company, expressed his vision for 2022 and encouraged everyone to scale the heights and forge ahead in 2022.On the basis of summarizing 2021 and looking forward to 2022, the chairman puts forward three requirements for the company's work in 2022: 

Implement project management system

Strictly implement the project management system, from the business side to push back the work, do not do useless work;Improve existing inefficient systems, all departments should be mutually beneficial, to avoid waste of resources.


Increase source and reduce expenditure to promote growth

All departments should implement the daily cost, and logistic support department should follow up the situation at any time.


strengthen the training of staff

Long-term development of the company needs talents, but also young blood.In 2022, staff training needs to be strengthened to improve the core competitiveness of talents. 

Market changes, only innovation, in order to meet the vitality.Looking forward to 2022, the company still retains its original aspiration and lofty ambition. Let us go forward hand in hand and set out towards a higher goal. 

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