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Powtran mid-year management review meeting successfully concluded!
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From July 8th to 9th, Powtran technology held the 2022 mid-year management review meeting through the combination of online and offline. This meeting aims to summarize the shortcomings of the strategic policy in the first half of the year and lay a good foundation for the implementation of the adjustment of strategic deployment in the next stage. A total of 50 company leaders and employees attended the meeting.


On July 8, under the leadership of the company, the three marketing centers focused on customer demand, looked for growth opportunities in the industry, and analyzed the market opportunities needed to be deeply explored in each region in order to achieve the overall strategic targets of the company in the next three years.After that, the technical service center summarized ITR work by focusing on the analysis of on-site problems and matters needing attention in product application.The personnel administration department will report on the recruitment, selection and employment of talents in the first half of the year combined with the progress of the company's reform project.


July 9th, the mid-year management review meeting officially began.In the global economic downturn, the epidemic situation across the country is even more repeated, but our export and domestic sales teams as a whole still maintain a steady development, all of which are inseparable from the efforts and efforts of all departments of the company.


Mr. Zhang, chairman of the board and general manager of the company, summed up the meeting and arranged the work.In the management work of the past six months, from platform building, team remodeling to mechanism building, change management has played an important role throughout.General Zhang put forward higher requirements for the work of the marketing team in the second half of the year, called on all members to continue to bow into the bureau, four duanchishui, maintain the sponge mentality and long-term spirit, maintain their own strong drive with the team, firmly establish index consciousness and honor consciousness, together to a new height to launch a charge, create value!


The company recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions in the first half of 2022 for their efforts and efforts in the first half of the year.The horizontal is the team, the vertical is the team, the vertical and horizontal is the team.The success of a team requires not only the efforts of marketing people, but also the coordination of various functions."If you want to wear the crown, you must bear the weight of it." Every honor and glory requires hard work, and you deserve it.


Summer in July, full of passion, iron horse, dare to fight for the world!

New challenges are coming to us, a new round of battle horn has sounded, new goals need us to fight together, new achievements need us to break waves, new brilliance need us to forge ahead.In this momentum,Powtran science and technology staff will be brave to break through, overcome difficulties, banners and drums, mission will be achieved!

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