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PI500-C series air compressor inverter

PI500-C series air compressor frequency inverter is desiged for screw air compressor process control by Powtran Technology.
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PI500-C series air compressor frequency inverter is desiged for screw air compressor process control by Powtran Technology.The controparameters are set directly through the keyboard of frequency inverter or touch screen,both the Chinese and English interface are available.The frequency inverter can realizes all the functions required by screw air compressor,simple and convenient operation,compact size with more powerful function,it can control the permanent magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous motor air compressor.

The PI500-C series frequency inverter was sucessfully used for the screw air compressor ,it provides a more cost-effective way for the air compressor system,a variety of options,streamline the control system to reduce air compressor fault,but also provides a more convenient one-stop service,so that the installation and maintenance of screw air compressor become easy and fast.

1)Environment temperature -10 ℃ to 50 ℃, temperature at 40 ℃, please derating for use, derating at 3% per 1°C drop. It is not recommended to use the inverter in the environment above 50°C.

2)Prevent electromagnetic interference and keep away from sources of interference.

3)Prevent intrusion of the water droplets, steam, dust, dust, cotton wool, and metal fines.

4)Prevent intrusion of the oil, salt, and corrosive gases.

5)Avoid vibrations. The maximum amplitude can’t exceed 5.9m/s (0.6g).

6)Avoid high temperature and humidity and no rain. Relative humidity is less than 90%RH. Do not allow condensation. In spaces where corrosive gases are present, the maximum relative humidity can’t exceed 60%.

8)The use of flammable, flammable, explosive gas, liquid or solid hazardous environments is prohibited.

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