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PI500 Series frequency inverter working in building automation application
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      Frequency inverter is commonly used in our daily life. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & air conditioning) and Secondary pressure equipments are installed in new buildings from around the world and existing buildings as well as urban infrastructure system. The inverter’s application can improve the quality of air and indoor comfort, improve control, save energy, reduce maintenance cost and promote the stability. Among of it, the daily load fluctuation for the HAVC is quite large, the one of most effective ways to reduce cost is adopt motor frequency control, like pump or fan, can reduce the average speed of the motor by 20%,saving about 50% source of energy and if the average speed is reduced by 20%,can be save up to 80% source of energy.

To reduce total cost

       In the design of building automation, the source of energy cost have great impact on total cost. It can be save a lot of cost in a short time if energy usage can be reduced.PI500 series has the functions of motor automatic setting and load self-adjustment, etc to ensure that the inverter can perfectly match any motors and variation in load. The PI500 series frequency inverter, its low maintenance cost can realizes the fast return of the investment for the building automation, obviously saving the total cost.

Below are some main building automation devices:

Heating equipment

  • Boiler blower and induced draft fan
  • Heating pump
  • Air conditioning
  • Heat recovery system

Ventilation equipment

  • air treatment equipment, Roof air conditioning equipmentInlet fan and exhaust fan
  • Variable air volume / constant air volume ventilation system
  • Smoke, fire and stair ventilation system
  • Parking lot ventilation system
  • Kitchen ventilation system

Cooling equipment

  • Cooling water pump system
  • Main/auxiliary pump
  • Variable flow of the main pump
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating recovery system
  • Cooling tower fan, cooling water pump
  • Cooling device compressor

Fresh water equipment

  • Booster pump
  • Single pump and parallel pump

Our company’s PI500 series frequency inverter provide perfect solution for a project of one large heating equipment and renovation projects of floor power supply control and energy-saving fan in one place in the north. The customers purchase a lot of Powtran PI500 series frequency inverters for use. Among of them, there are 45 piece of frequency inverter use on heating project and 34 piece frequency inverter use on energy-saving fan’s renovation project. The control cabinet of energy-saving fan renovation project is being debugged now, it is going to ship to the customer soon.

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