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Application in polisher machine with PI9000 frequency inverter
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For a long time, industrial production, agricultural products, articles for daily use, such as requirements, request the surface of components must be smooth , a machine for the widespread use of finishing equipment, also known as the vibration of grinding machines, because of its grinding the material fast, and can achieve smooth surface requirements of products, reducing the manual grinding cost, but most customers choose electromagnetic speed adjustment, before the equipment to work time is longer, so virtually waste electricity. So the customer finally chose our PI9000 series frequency converter for motor speed control, so as to achieve the effect of both energy saving and speed -- frequency conversion energy-saving polisher machine.

2. The working condition of the technological process introduction.

This machine has a disk bucket slot, internal waves for plastic grain filling, vibration generated from vibration motor running at the bottom of the plus bucket slot inside the filling agent, grinding materials to cooperate with each other, and is carried out on the work piece surface polishing treatment.

3. Technical requirements:

Need inverter can achieve the timing and reversing current operating conditions, within the prescribed period of time in the cycle of operations run, demand may reach potentiometer control function, external a potentiometer on the outside of the distribution box, can achieve potentiometer control, to achieve energy saving effect.

4. The solution:

Using PI9100 series inverter, an external potentiometer to the terminal blocks, chamber is set for a time relay, running time control effect, make through potentiometer control motor running in 40 hz, can achieve energy saving effect.


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Wiring method + parameter Settings (with the wiring diagram);

F0.03 = 2, F0.11 = 1, F0.13 = 6, F0.14 = 6, F1.00 = 1, F1.01 = 2

B0.00 = 1, b0.01 = 4, b0.02 = 380 v, b0.03 = 8.5 A, b0.04 = 50

5. Maintenance and Attention.

Because most finishing products are metal components, when finishing it is hard to avoid metal dust into the ambient air, and as the workers do not know how to use the frequencyinverter very well, in order to avoid adjust the parameters disorderly, So the frequency inverter was put in the control box, the speed control potentiometer was put outside of the control box appearance.

6. Conclusion:

This finishing equipment using PI9100 series inverter, both reached the customer original speed regulation effect, at the same time can realize energy saving when the motor in low-frequency running.

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