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Application in blown film machine with PI9000 frequency inverter
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The production of plastic film is plastic particles after heating with extrusion method, the compressed air to blow into a plastic bag, the tractor in setting on cooling to finalize the design, then into a finished product by the winder. Plastic machinery of the drag system requirements:

1, in a certain range can smooth speed regulation, by adjusting the rotational speed of main motor, traction motor to produce different specifications of the products.

2, smooth start, stop, because the plastic machine is the constant torque load, smooth start, stop, avoid too much of a mechanical shock, on the other hand also can reduce the unqualified products in the process of start.

3, run a single direction of motor.

4, stable performance, reliable work.

 Use the keyboard control, the machine stop at the scene. Keyboard potentiometer control frequency.

 With Keyboard extension connect Work station

User needs to solve several problems:

1, energy saving quantity: according to the operation of the inverter V/F curve shows that the inverter is a constant torque output, compared with other control system, save electric energy more than 30% on average, in the low speed running more significant energy saving effect.

2, improve the quality of our products: Powtran electrician frequency control of motor speed performance is quite stable.

3, reduce the impact to the grid when it is started, the starting current can be controlled within the rated current does not constitute a impact on voltage.

4, reduce rev impact to mechanical, smooth start can prolong the service life of machine.

5, meet the stepless speed regulation, control is simple and convenient.

6, protecting the normal operation of the motor.


                             Blown film machine on site

For more than a few requirements of users, it is recommended that the user to select PI9200 022G3 series inverter, at the request of the customer using the keyboard potentiometer control frequency, so select the keyboard with a potentiometer. On the keyboard control, stop.

Parameter Settings are as follows:

F0.03=4   Panel potentiometer setting

F4.01=2   Torque boost

F4.10=50   V/F overexcitation gain

F0.13=25  Acceleration time 1

F0.14=25  Deceleration time 1

The other parameters to factory Settings.

Third, the conclusion

1, increased to the specifications of the plastic film, improve the quality of the products and production.

2, save power and reduce the cost, to 22 kw motor as an example, using the converter speed regulating, The actual maximum power consumption for 18KW motor, greatly reduces the production cost.

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