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Application of PI500 Series Frequency Converter in Spiral Pile Driver
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With the development of society, high-rise buildings, viaducts, overpasses more and more, the building stability, tightening requirements are getting higher and higher, piling machine played a decisive role, everywhere it has its figure.


                          Piling construction site map

The screw pile driver is a piling device that drives the drill bit into the underground drill through the power head. The screw pile driver can be divided into three parts; the pile frame part, the drilling part and the control operation part. The piling process is: the screw pile driver in place → buried tube → drill bit touch the ground then the rotation open → - put down the drill bit → drill hole to complete the hole and measure the depth → into the steel cage and pipe → concrete filled→ pull out Protect the pile and clean the pile head back to fill the pile.

It usually consists of two 55 kw or two 75 kw electric motor driven by gear box and ACTS on the positive and negative direction of rotation of drill pipe.more than 90% of the pile machine is through the coupling step-down starter start, due to the geological, formation or operator mistakes frequently, motor overload caused by empty trip. It difficult to start up again after sending again, it is only through many times of positive and negative direction started slowly pulled out, but due to the transformer and motor frequently start will be fever,   ac contactor inside, reducer and connection pipe screw by frequent strongly impact are easily damaged and replace the time-consuming. After concrete setting 24 hours can't pull out, a drill pipe is divided into four section value at about 30000 to 50000RMB.



Diagram 2

The field equipment is a long auger rig consisting mainly of top pulley group, column, ramps, chassis, travel mechanism, rotary mechanism, hoisting mechanism, control room, hydraulic system and electrical system

The original use of Fuji 200KW inverter drive two 75KW ordinary motor, according to process conditions, customers now want to increase the motor torque and motor speed, therefore, from Dalian Hengsheng Motor Factory to buy two 90KW inverter motor (base frequency 100HZ ), Using a drag two control drive mode. According to the needs of our customers for our customers choose our general PI500 250G3 inverter, at the same time, according to the requirements of the outdoor placement, so we designed a rainproof cabinet. See below. Due to the PI500 series of reasonable and low frequency torque of the excellent characteristics, it is successful replacement of imported Fuji frequency converter.
For the use of PI500 series inverter in the screw pile driver on the use of this program describes the 250kW inverter, a drag drive two 90kW motor with the formation of the same torque to drive the drill pipe, the potentiometer on inverter pane reach different speed requirements.



Diagram 3  Powtran technology 250kW frequency inverter successfully instead of Fuji frequency inverter


Diagram 4 PI500 series frequency inverter Wiring diagram

powtran technology PI500 series frequency inverter scene test parameter setting as below:

Frequency inverter model

PS500 250G3

Frequency inverter series NO


 load type

    pile driver

motor rated frequency


 motor power


motor rated current


motor rated voltage


motor rated speed


 frequency inverter work voltage


frequency inverter working current


 frequency inverter working frequency


IGBT work temperture(temperature rise)


DC bus voltage fluctuation


frequency inverter running mode

internittent running

Motor noise and heat conditions


 frequency inverter running time

One day

Scene Factors affecting the frequency converter

 Outdoor use, rain proof

AC chock setting condition


 Distance between frequuency inverter and motor


 frequency inverter control mode


 frequency inverter parameter setting

F0.03=2 F0.11=1 F0.13=50 F0.14=50 F3.07=1 F2.07=0 Y0.01=8

 special matter explaination



      1. In the product selection should pay attention, large 2 files to choose to use.

      2. If the field is generator power generation to add the input reactor.

      3. It is recommended to install the output reactance, which can effectively suppress the high frequency harmonic current.

Powtran technology PI500 series inverter, high precision adjustment, good application of a wide range of stability. PI500 series of modified pile driver has a sufficient speed range to deal with different diameter requirements, different depth and different geological conditions need. Simple operation, smooth operation, greatly increasing the life of the motor, won the customer's approval.

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