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Application in winding with PI9000 frequency inverter
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1. process requirement:

a. wind up and back off control function, wind up condition in normal working.

b. Require the tension rocker stable during the whole working period.

c. Winding speed required above 1200m/min(winding inverter running frequency above 60HZ)

d. Band-type brake immediately while stop.

2. Inverter function requirement:

a. terminal control , foreward running FWD(wind up),reversal running REV(back off)

b. frequency source switch in wind up and back off condition, wind up use PID control, while back off use AI1 given frequency.

c. Require immediately PID adjust when wind up, acceleration and deceleration time is

0.1S,so the inverter should equipment with brake unit.

3. Structural drawing and system control:


4. Control application and adjust explanation:

The wind up inverter as to adjust frequency during the adjustment, as the wind up rolling diameter increase, the line speed should be increased, use PI9000 as line speed constant control, the main wind up inverter PI9200 055G3,control the motor to winding, as the feedback single of the displacement sensor to adjust the speed, keep the tension rocker stable, just as a simple PID control. The winding motor was not running while back off, back off motor reverse control, the speed was given by potentiometer AI1.for avoid break the line when the back off speed was too fast, there need a top frequency, the acceleration and deceleration time need to be more.

5. The detail parameters set for main inverter:

U0.010            Vector control W/O PG

U0.021            Terminal block control

U0.038            PID control setting

U0.042            Analog AI1 setting

U0.072            switch between frequency source master setting and auxiliary setting

U0.1050HZ       Maximum output frequency

U0.1250HZ       Upper limit frequency

U0.170.1S        Acceleration time 1

U0.180.1S        Deceleration time 1

U2.00:60              Speed loop low P

U2.01:0.35S         Speed loop low integral time

U2.03:60              Speed loop high P

U2.04:0.60S         Speed loop high integral time

U4.00:1                Forward run

U4.01:2                Reverse run

U4.03:16              Ac/deceleration time selection terminal 1

U4.04:18              Frequency source switching

U4.17:0.01S         AI1 filter time

U4.22:0.01S         AI2 filter time

U6.10:1                Free stop

U8.03:60S            Acceleration time 2

U8.04:60S            Deceleration time 2

U8.13:1               Disable Reverse

UA.00:0               PID setting source

UA.01:50%          PID keyboard setting

UA.02:1               PID feedback source

UA.03:1               PID action direction

UA.05:8               Proportional gain KP1

UA.06:1.8S          Integration time Ti1

UA.07:0.1S          Differential time Td1


6. The notice when adjustment:

a. The PID control direction must be negative direction.

b. The inverter stop should be choose free stop when the inverter stop the motor must be Band-type brake immediately.

c. The FWD /REV acceleratine and deceleratine time is different, it need the terminal to switch the acceleratine and deceleratine time.


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