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Today I am proud of Powtran,and tomorrow Powtran will be proud of me
POWTRAN to provide staff with a broad space for development and resource support. POWTRAN has a number of integrity, responsibility, innovative employees are proud of. The amount is only applicable to establish a fair and open and fair competition and incentive mechanism to tailor the design of a suitable career for employees to develop the potential of each employee, personnel Excavation, personnel training, with good talent.
Employee is the first capital , customer is the source of wages, investor is the supporter of enterprises.
Serious and responsible and efficient staff is the first capital of the enterprise and the greatest wealth, invested to generate returns, the value created only be accepted by the market, customer satisfaction, you can get the compensation they deserve, strong investor support business a long timethe power and backing.
POWTRAN Work Ethic
To enjoy the process of struggle rather than waiting for the results,learning as working, working as learning.
Looking for fun at work, find their value, love, love life. To do, is only one reason: "I am willing to do"; do not do a good job, there are thousands of excuses: "I do not want to do it." Attitude is the most basic requirement of Pu employees. Only learn on the job, learning beyond the others, to improve their competitiveness, will it be possible to enjoy a better deal.
《POWTRAN user service protocol》